Wide field

Zeiss Axio Vert.A1

Inverted Brightfield, Phase contrast, , DIC, PlasDIC and Fluorescence with LED light.

Zeiss AxioCam HRm with Zen-Blue light 2.3 software.

Non-motorized device.

LensObjective EC “Plan-Neofluar” 10x/0.3 PH1
Objective “Plan-Apochromat” 20x/0.8 M27
Objective EC “Plan-Neofluar” 40x/0.75 PH2 (WD=0.71mm),
Objective “Plan-Apochromat” 63x/1.40 Oil DICIII M27
Objective “Plan-Apochromat” 100x/1.40 Oil DICIII M27
FiltersFilter set 02 BF, DAPI, EGFP and TexRed – Triplet view
Filter set 38 HE eGFP shift free
Filter set 43 HE Cy 3 shift free
Filter set 50 Cy 5 shift free

*_Temporarily, replaced by and 5x objective


Building E, room 006C (Dark room)+

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