Optima XE 90K

Optima XE 90K
Rotors Type max speed max RCF rotor capacity major applications
Type 90 Ti fixed angle 90,000 RPM 694,000 xg 8 x 13.5 ml Five-hour separation of plasmid DNA and rapid differential centrifugation of small particles
Type 70 Ti fixed angle 70,000 RPM 504,300 xg 8 x 39 ml Differential centrifugation of subcellular particles
SW 28 Ti swing out 28,000 RPM 141,400 xg 6 x 38.5 ml Differential centrifugation of subcellular fractions and viruses
SW 41 Ti swing out 41,000 RPM 288,200 xg 6 x 13.2 ml Rate-zonal and isopycnic centrifugation of viruses, rate-zonal centrifugation of RNA
SW 55 Ti swing out 55,000 RPM 367,600 xg 6 x 5ml Rate-zonal separations of small particles


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