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High Performance PET Imaging with Advanced Technology


Using PET/CT for preclinical biological research in small animals presents many challenges beyond those faced in clinical studies. First, small-animal imaging must achieve sub-millimeter spatial resolution so that images of mice and rats provide the same visual accuracy as images of humans. Second, resolution must be the same across the field of view to enable accurate quantitation and localization. Finally, high sensitivity is required to allow dynamic PET imaging and to minimize the dose of radiotracer that needs to be injected in the animal, while allowing procedures to be completed within the 10-45 minute period during which small animals can be safely anesthetized.

LabPET/CT meets these challenges using the latest phoswich detector technology, comprising a dual layer of LYSO and GSO crystals with a combined thickness of 15mm, providing excellent stopping power and uncompromising resolution across the entire field of view. The phoswich detectors feature highly reliable, fast readout electronics. The result is dramatically improved resolution and sensitivity versus single LYSO & LGSO crystals as well as APD detectors.

LabPET/CT’s advanced detector design and parallel signal processing digital electronics to achieve high count rate performance, along with its digital detector technology which delivers high spatial resolution better than 1 mm and high recovery coefficient.

The LabPET/CT’s X-O, CT sub-system, is equipped with an advanced CMOS digital X-ray detector technology and has the flexibility to perform a wide range of scanning, including whole body imaging in less than a minute. The CT Zoom feature facilitates optimization of the field of view and resolution.. Users may select the CT only, PET only or dual scan in any order. Data sets are intrinsically registered and fusion display tools are available in a single workstation.

TriFoil’s Preclinical PET Imaging Solution for In-vivo small animal research

TriFoil offers a comprehensive solution for preclinical small animal imaging. Our product uses high performance imaging technology to accurately and effectively capture in-vivo processes in small animals. The result is a precise, accurate image with clear visualization of in-vivo processes. Our solution solves the challenge of small animal imaging by providing small animal images of the same quality as human clinical study images.

LabPET/CT is an effective and powerful imaging system for the many challenges facing preclinical in vivo researchers working with small animals.

Features & Benefits

PET acquisition features:

  • List mode data acquisition for high post-processing and reconstruction flexibility
  • Automatic decay correction
  • Single and automated multiple bed positions
  • Gating support for cardiac, respiratory and user defined inputs
  • Integrated control of accessory features like automatic injector pump.


Ultra Micro Hot Spot Phantom
Pet Mouse Heart

PET reconstruction features:

  • Algorithms include FBP, 2D MLEM, 3D MLEM, 3D OSEM
  • User selectable transverse FOV from 46-100 mm
  • CT based attenuation correction
  • Quantitative calibration
  • 3D AMPSTM reconstruction technology – for ultra-high through- put
  • Static and dynamic parsing
  • Automated batch mode reconstruction

PET subsystem characteristics

  • Available in LabPET4, LabPET8, and LabPET12 (Field of View, # of APD detectors & System maximum count rate increase with each level)
  • For more information on:  Ring Diameter, Bore Size, Axial Field of View, Multi Bed Position Axial FOV, Number of APD Detectors and the systems maximum count rate please contact us.

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