Rules of Conduct

To view our rules of conduct,  please follow this link and fill your BookIt credentials.



The goal of the scientific equipment center (zabam) is to give you the opportunity to conduct the best possible research. We provide accessibility to cutting edge technologies and equipment in order to advance your research. We find solutions for research needs, train researchers in using equipment, and help to troubleshoot and solve problems.
The personnel of the scientific equipment center are responsible for the operation, safety and maintenance of the equipment and operators. Every person who would like to work in the zabam must read, understand and acknowledge the following rules of conduct. Violation of these rules may results in temporal or permanent deprivation of rights to work in the unit and may be followed by a complain to the Faculty’s discipline committee.

  1. Conduct – The Zabam personnel are highly trained professionals that provide important services for your research. Interaction between students, lab managers and zabam personnel should be professional, polite and respectful. Under no circumstances will disrespectful behavior be tolerated (in either direction). If you experience unprofessional behavior from our staff please write immediately to and with a CC to your PI. Incidents should be reported on time, otherwise we will not be able to investigate them properly.
  2. BookIt – all shared equipment that have a blue “must bookit” sticker must be booked on “BookIt”:
    Each student has his/her own user name and password. You can get your username from our faculty’s computational advisor, Mr. Gershon Kunin. For technical support and general information you can contact above listed zabam personnel. Even when the equipment is not bookit mandatory, Priority will always be given to those who booked. Make sure your contact information is updated so you can be contacted in case of problems.
    All computers are accessible via personal usernames and passwords. Bookit will then launch and you should press “activate service”. When done- YOU MUST log off (do not switch user!). Your lab is billed according to usage and reservations. If you do not logoff your lab will be billed until you do. Ordering and/or connecting by someone else’s user name is forbidden!! “Must bookit” equipment working without an order will be stopped.
  3. Problems/malfunctions – If you encounter a problem/malfunction/strange noises or dirty equipment/shared room – you must notify zabam personnel at When encountering such, you must report to us before you start to work and be given approval to start working from a ZABAM representative. If you fail to report and get approval to work on faulty/dirty equipment, you will be considered responsible for the state of the equipment/room.
    Safety Hazards must be reported to the MOKED immediately at 0722644910.
  4. Outside assistance – Coordination of service/application specialists for zabam equipment goes through us (and us alone)!! Please address/notify/consult with us before any communication with our suppliers (excluding application-specific free-of-charge requests). All communications/coordination must go through us for proper management. Any charge due to unapproved technical or applicative support will be sent to the lab.
  5. Tutoring/Training – Before first time usage of equipment with the red sticker “zabam tutoring only”, you must be tutored by zabam staff ONLY. Anyone caught working on equipment without proper training/tutoring will be penalized.
  6. Shared Rooms – shared rooms must be kept clean and tidy. The door to the cold room must not be kept open for prolonged periods of time. Contaminated plates/media/etc. must be checked for and cleared out of shared rooms (including cold room).
  7. Safety –
     * All gloves must be changed to new/clean in the entrance to the equipment center. Under No circumstances can you work in the zabam (and shared rooms) with used gloves or contaminated lab coats!! Gloves in hallways are prohibited.
     * NEW-All computers and equipment must be handled WITH GLOVES on all working stations.
     * Clean after yourselves and keep the stations neat. Do not leave used gloves, plates or tips at the working stations/on the floor.
     * Anyone who does not attend the yearly autoclaves tutorials will not be able to work with the autoclaves until tutored/re-tutored.
     * Anyone caught entering rooms with “gas extinguishing systems” that did not get tutored on this system (autoclaves yearly tutorial) will be forwarded to the faculty safety committee.
     * Before working with X-RAY equipment/ Radioactive materials you must contact the faculty radiation officers for tutoring and authorization (Slava/Dima).
  8. Storage and Backup – The center is not responsible for any data stored on our computers. The data must be stored on your lab’s personal volume or sent via email. We recommend first saving to the local computer, then transferring to vol/email (so the data is not lost while compiling) and lastly, erasing data from local computer (so the disk space is freed). Each lab member can enter only his/her lab’s volume. In the first login, every user must define the volume once on every computer (when logged on with his/her individual username). To define your lab’s volume (on a PC): go to -> computer -> map network drive-> x:// lab name-vol (if you are not logged into the computer under your personal username- V the box next to “connect using different credentials” and under user write: ccdom/your user name and type in your password.
    For mac: finder-> Go-> Connect to server -> (cmd k) smb:// lab name-vol
    If you encounter any problem, the center’s staff can help you with this. It can be done on any computer linked to the Bar Ilan network.
  9. Transferable memory media such as DiskOnKeys and Flash drives ARE NOT PERMITTED on any computer and under no circumstances!!! Uploading a virus onto a zabam computer can harm expensive equipment.