Confocal Multiphoton

Zeiss LSM780 Inverted Confocal Multiphoton Microscope


State of art confocal microscope with 34 parallel spectral GaAsP  super sensitive detectors allows you to Lambda scan and achieve images of unparalleled detail, even from the most challenging specimens.

Coherent Multiphoton Chameleon Vision II laser of the device can give in-vivo images with a 1.4 millimeter tissue deep


LSM 780 Observer.z1

  • Configuration 17 with 34 spectral detection channels (incl. GaAsP)
  • 1 Gallium Arsenide Phosphide (GaAsP), 2 PMT and 1 T-PMT detectors
  • 6 laser lines 405, 458, 488, 514, 561 and 633nm
  • Control electronics and LSM-software ZEN black 2.1 sp7
  • 6 objectives: 10X 0.3 N.A. , 20X N.A. 0.8,20X 1 N.A. (in-vivo) W immersion,
    40X 1.2 N.A. W immersion and 63X 1.4 N.A. oil immersion

Chameleon Vision II laser, for Multiphoton ( Two-Photens) microscope:

  • Output Power ~ 3.0W at 800 nm
  • Tuning Wavelength Range 680 to 1080 nm
  • Short pulse (75 fs) system


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