BrukerCT 1172 Micro-CT System

The BrukerCT 1172 represents a new generation in high resolution desktop X ray micro CT systems for in vitro scanning. A novel architecture in which both the sample stage and the X ray camera are moveable allows an unprecedented combination of image resolution, sam ple size accommodation, scan speed and sample throughput. This innovative flexible scanning geometry of the BrukerCT 1172 is particularly advantageous over intermediate resolution levels, where scans are around ten times faster (to obtain the same or better image quality) compared to previous scanners with a fixed source detector design.

Key points:
• Dynamically variable acquisition geometry for shortest scan at any magnification
• Fully distortion corrected 11 Mp X ray camera
• Up to 8000 x 8000 pixels in every slice
• Down to 0.7 micron isotropic detail detection
• Single computer or cluster (optional) 3D reconstruction
• Software for 2D/3D image analysis, bone morphology and realistic visualization
• Scanning during compression, tension, cooling, heating with optional stages
•Optional: Super fast GPU based reconstruction hardware and software for x10 15 reconstruction acceleration.

Location:  Building B.


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