Bruker MALDI-TOF Autoflex

The Bruker Autoflex Speed LRF is a MALDI TOF instrument with the following specifications:

  • Linear mass range at least up to 300 kDa.
  • High mass resolution over a wide mass range. In reflectron mode, resolution of 10,000 – 22,000 FWHM simultaneously across a wide m/z range 900 – 4500 in a seamless mass spectrum.
  • MS resolution > 26,000 FWHM achieved in MS mode
  • Reflectron mass accuracy ≤ 2 ppm with internal calibration.
  • Ultra-stable 2 kHz electronics for TOF analyzer, detector and ion source fully enables a 1-2000 Hz data acquisition rate for MS mode
  • ≥ 4 GS/s digitizer.


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