PerkinElmer Clarus 690 GC/MS/FID


When the highest levels of throughput are critical to your operations, choose the Clarus 690 gas chromatograph. Its patented high-performance oven delivers the fastest heat-up and cool-down of any oven in the business, and that means shorter injection-to-injection times, and the ability to run more samples per day. Plus, the oven’s twin-wall design with concentric air exhaust provides exceptional cooling to near-ambient temperatures without resorting to liquid cryogen – critical for analysis of VOCs. The Clarus 690 GC features a wide-range flame ionization detector (FID), a new high-performance capillary injector with decreased reactivity, and autosampler technology that delivers multiple options for liquid injection, headspace, and SPME on one system.


Injection speed Normal, fast, slow

Program modes Two methods may be programmed

Sample positions 108, plus one priority

Vial size 2-mL (0.25 mL with insert) crimp-top caps

2-mL screw-top caps

Waste and wash vials 4 waste and 4 wash

Waste and wash vial size 4 mL

Syringe size 0.5 µL, 5.0 µL or 50.0 µL

Sampling volume 0.1 µL to 0.5 µL from the 0.5-µL syringe in 0.1-µL increments or

0.5 µL to 5.0 µL from the 5.0-µL syringe in 0.5-µL increments or

5.0 µL to 50.0 µL from the 50.0-µL syringe in 5.0-µL increments

Viscosity settings 0-15

Maximum injections per vial 15

Maximum solvent postwashes 15

Maximum sample pumps 15

Maximum sample prewashes 15

Minimum sample 5 µL when used with the 0.25-mL vial insert; 350 µL when used with the 2-mL vial

Reproducibility < 0.5% RSD for packed columns 1% C9 in C7, 1 µL injected

Sample pre-rinse Prepares the autosampler syringe in advance of the GC becomingequipment0


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